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Have you ever eaten or drunk too much while Having a business lunch or attending a party?

Security feel better is the right and smart reflex to ease the side-effects of Excesses and to prevent hangovers.

Security is a non-alcoholic digestive drink made from plant and herb extracts Which boosts the digestion of food and drink in 45 minutes by naturally stimulating the system.

Security has a pleasant pear taste. The content of a 30ml bottle is the needed Quantity to provide the required effects and does not need to be diluted.

Security is not a medicine and should be consumed within 12 hours of opening.

Best served chilled. Store in a dark place between 0°C and 30°C.

Security Feel Better’s effectiveness resides in its composition and its formula.
It is the plant extracts’ extremely precise dosage which creates a synergy and optimizes the efficiency of each plant.

Without divulging our entire formula, we can however indicate one of the ingredients of Security Feel Better which shows both the strength and the gentleness of its action: ARTICHOKE.
As a major component, Artichoke is a hepatoprotector and a hepatic cell regenerator generally used to stimulate digestion.


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Single bottle R25.00
2 Pack box R50.00
10 Pack Box R250.00



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The different moments to drink it depend on the wanted effects:

Before the meal: Security prepares the body to assimilate food and drink more rapidly.

During the meal: Taken between courses, it activates the digestion of food and drinks.

After the meal: Drank too much? Ate too much? Luckily you can use Security as a digestive to eliminate your excesses.

At the end of the night: After a long night out – take one bottle before bed to have a good nights’ sleep and to prevent the morning-after hangover.